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Why Loose Diamonds ?

Loose diamonds are diamonds that have fine cut and are ready to be set in a ring, necklace, any other kind of diamond jewelry or also as an investment purpose.


  • Benefits of buying loose diamonds

    • Good Price Range with High Quality Diamonds: – The loose diamonds will cost you relatively less as compare to the price you pay for the whole jewellery piece to the jeweler. So you can have the best of the diamonds and can design your diamond jewellery according your choice at less cost with maximum satisfaction.
    • Loose Diamonds can be a good Investment Option: –  There are many ways in which people like to invest. Investing in diamond is also a good option. A loose diamond has an unlimited value. If you are holding a loose diamond it is just like you are holding money in terms of stone. The benefit of investing in Diamond is that you can keep it in secure place or can set them in a piece of jewellery.  Investing in a loose diamond gives you a sense of financial security.
    • You can design your diamond jewellery: – If you buy loose diamonds, you can design your jewellery according to your choice and preferences may it be a diamond ring, diamond necklace or diamond earrings. If you buy diamond jewellery from jewelers you have to limit your choices. So the benefit of buying a loose diamonds is that you can have infinite variety and choices.
    • You can choose the metal: – You can’t only design your jewellery but you can choose the metal also in which you want to set your loose diamonds. It can be gold, platinum, silver, white gold etc. and you can create a jewellery of your dreams.
    • You can buy diamonds according to size and Design of Jewellery: – Some people like small and delicate jewellery and some like heavy jewellery. If you buy loose diamonds, you will buy diamonds by keeping in mind the size you want for jewellery.
    • Some small jewellery manufacturer buy diamonds once they get order to make a particular jewellery item : Jewellery manufacturers charge you15-20% more than the actual price of diamonds when they themselves buy diamonds on behalf of you. Sometimes they ask to pay adittional charges if you want to get your diamonds certified. DiamondsnYou gives you certified loose diamonds at the best prices.

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