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Tips for Buying Solitaires

Things to be remembered while buying a Solitaires

  • Always prefer the whitest coloured solitaires (G-H) since they are believed to be the beautiful and best of all other types of Solitaires.
  • Another important aspect of a Solitaire to look for is the cut of the diamond that has symmetry, with consistent cuts and bright shines.
  • Clear looks enhances the excellence of a diamond. A diamond should have no spots, scratches or marks as they are considered to be the bad or low qualities of a diamond.
  • Buy only certified or authentic solitaires from recognised laboratories such as GIA, IGI or HRD etc.
  • Diamonds lasts forever so it’s wise to invest in genuine and certified solitaire jewellery only. Always spare some time to verify the quality and certification of a diamond jewellery to have a long lasting product. having a large collection of certified solitaires starting from 0.18 carat.